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Car Restoration


We Bring New Life to Your Cars

Star Square Deal Motors is one of the best places that offers car restoration services in Dubai. We understand what passion and demand is. We refurbish cars that are kept in disarray for a prolonged period. With more than two decades of experience, we know how to bring old cars to life. If you are looking for good classic cars to restore, we are here to help.

We overhaul all the sections

Star Square deal Motors does everything from repainting the car to making it rust-proof. Our expert team has experience of restoring vintage classic cars. During the process, we beautify every inch of the vehicle. A fully refurbished car appears brand new just rolling out of the factory. As and if necessary, we also make some custom parts. Team Star Square Deal Motors works closely with the customers to understand their requirements. We manage a perfect balance between customer specifications and workshop recommendations. This brings out the best results and you can use your vintage car for many years to com.

Most vintage cars were built with older technology and different raw materials. It is quite challenging to bring new life to a vintage car with the latest accoutrements but we manage to do so with our team of experts. While searching for good classic cars to restore, you should not look further than Star Square Deal Motors. The entire project is handled by passionate and skilled professionals.